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The following are some common reasons to flag a post:. Tina ambani nude. And so it begins… After this, we move on to the date itself. Huniepop aiko nude. I said I wasn't going to discuss this any more. As for whether this wikia should have been made - I would guess that if the creator read the ToU and Community Guidelines, they may not have started it.

As long as it's censored it doesn't violate the terms of service and use. Also, who's the loli exactly? She likes those, you know. Steam had no issues with the uncensoring "patch". Key words - Artistic Nudity May be ALLOWED so seriously all the screenshots were censored and they were all game content at that and game content falls under Artistic Nudity as someone had to take the time to create the image for hours its considered Art all over the internet so much so people get paid to do it.

You can then use that munie to buy gifts and food for the ladies. I will be going through the images shortly to remove those that are a problem. Jamie lee curtis naked boobs. The art is very good. Also, I forgot to add this: Are you not cold? Like not just undergarments, boxes over the explicit parts. We both share a love of dying our hair numerous and crazy colours. What Bettydude was doing is just saying that he needs something to fap to in a scientific and smart way.

And then I heard Kyu speak—holy balls. There were censored images on here I'm not sure if they got deleted or not. And while I can understand her desired trait is Romance, why is her least Talent? It might not always be super PC about it, but then it never pretends to be such either. Images uploaded on accident by a user corrupted images, incorrect tweets, pre-revisions, etc. But she's not okay with a bare butt.

See image sample for information. Ignore the bit about warning gateways, that didn't work out. Also, I fixed your formatting for you. Ariella ferrera lesbian sex. Originally funded by Kickstarter, it appeals to the niche markets of dating sim aficionados, puzzle game addicts, and the ecchi enthusiasts of H-games. The steam version is censored by default, but there's a fairly simple way of uncensoring it available from the devs.

For starters, her introduction is her nagging a barista Nikki to get her a cappuccino, even though the girl has finished her shift and is leaving. Hey, why did my recent reply get removed?!?!

I can tell you're mad that I pointed that out that it's Art, But thats just because you know I'm right and you either purposely dislike wiki's an games like this an are simply targeting it for your own reasons, Unknown reasons but facts are facts you're are wrong I know this cause theirs tons of other wikia's with worse content and images based of games similar to this yet where were you for those they have been up for years it's not hard to put 2 and 2 together as to why you are really here.

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In particular its a somewhat annoying criteria that panties that are so tight that they are basically showing the vulva despite the material are not okay. Pool Name Search for a pool containing see full list. Sexy night elf girl. Huniepop aiko nude. And I'm dying to know what those pictures look like uncensored!

The girls are customisable, too.

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Its CG's are considered Game Art you don't get to decide if its Art thats not your right or place to decide that's the developers and creators say who put hard work an time into these things as well as a Community of millions who support and consider it Art thats all that's required for it to be Art and it's still Censored Art if they are wearing clothing of any kind to cover those area's.

Lastly, I view the game as sex-positive. Say if a bra strap comes loose on the sales display and children walk past it. Images of non-identical filetypes that aren't samples. Wikias with content warnings still need to avoid pornography and other explicit content, but have a bit more wiggle room on nudity and other borderline areas. Or buy them lots of gifts….

Right now I am just removing the innapropriate photos. Oh, and by the way, there are tons of uncensored pics on google and bing. I have told you the limits, and staff will delete any images we see that are over the line. Madonna naked hitchhiking. If SJWs get mad over then, then oh god don't let them near a real eroge. Scroll down to find the bit on explicit images and text. Edited by Cartoondude Also, who's the loli exactly?

You can supply a short message to the uploader explaining why you rejected this upload. They were indeed removed. Especially coupled with the explicit poses these usually have. They are not real people. And I like that in a game. Retrieved from " http: By the way it's even called an Artbook for a reason: If someone is too young to see pictures from the game, or doesn't want to see nude woman, than they shouldn't be here.

These are all things I can appreciate in games, and the latter you know, the positive-sex stuff is something that desperately needs to be done more often. Nude boudoir sex. Others tokens on the board are Joy which earn you more movesPassion which acts as a multiply as you gain more levelsSentiment which gives you the ability to use gift items to turn the tides of war the date and Broken Hearts which give a massive drain in Affection when matched, so watch out for those! Plus, I think there are some on pornhub.

I will be going through the images shortly to remove those that are a problem.

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Images of non-identical filetypes that aren't samples. HuniePop is not perfect. Dolly parton naked videos. But that nudity should not be the focus of the wikia, nor should it be excessively explicit. Censored images aren't used to arouse or fap too, anyone with common sense knows that because they know they'd go to a place to see uncensored photos and or videos.

Edited by HoneyCandiez Regardless, I never felt that any of the girls were being forced to sleep with me, outside of the game mechanic that dictates when such an event occurs. For starters, her introduction is her nagging a barista Nikki to get her a cappuccino, even though the girl has finished her shift and is leaving. Howard stern naked news There are plentys of other Wikias that have extremely sexual perversion on them, and your nailing this one?

But I just have to say - as it says in the Wikia Community Guidelinescontext is everything. I know it can be hard to document adult topics while keeping inside the ToU. Sannse, I was born here in america as a PWD. And in a genre where many games that feature sexuality swim in the dark creepy end of the pool, HuniePop is refreshingly light and positive about the sex implied, shown or heard within it. Huniepop aiko nude. You can then use that munie to buy gifts and food for the ladies.

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